- competition (western music)

1st Nanyang International Music Competition 2017

4 - 9 July, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Rules & Regulations

1. The Competition is open to musicians worldwide.

2. Application deadline is 30 April 2017.

3. Competitors should select one of the Divisions to participate in:

1. Current students of NAFA and it's affiliate programs are entitled to NAFA rates.

4. Each competitor may take part in no more than 1 Solo category belonging to Categories A through to D AND 1 category in the ensemble competition.

5. Each competitor will be allocated warm up time:

a. Category A (Artist) – 10 minutes

b. Category B (Senior) – 5 minutes

c. Division C (Intermediate) – 5 minutes

d. Division D (Junior) – 5 minutes

6. Repertoire Guidelines:

a. All pieces must be played from memory;

b. Competitors must submit 3 copies of their choice music together with the application form to be used during the adjudication;

c. Competitors must not exceed the stated stage presence time;

d. The Organizers reserve the right to impose a penalty of 5% deduction on the final marks if any of the rules are not adhered to;

e. All copies of sheet music will be destroyed and not returned to the Competitor at the end of the Competition.       

7. The adjudicators’ decisions are final.

8. Competitors are not allowed to meet up with adjudicators during the course of the competition. Non-compliance will result in the competitor being removed from the Competition and forfeiting all awards and cash prizes.

9. The order of appearance in the Competition is decided in draw sessions. The order decided at these sessions will be observed throughout the Competition. The Organizers reserve the right to make changes or cancellations to the competition order and dates, as well as any of the events that happen throughout the Competition.

10. As there are limited places in the Competition, acceptance will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.

11. The organizers reserve the right to record all of the proceedings of the Competition and related activities for sales, broadcast and promotional purposes without any payment to the participants or the participants’ consent. The organizers retain all rights to the recorded materials.

12. Unauthorized photography, video and audio recordings are NOT allowed during the Competition. The organizers reserve the right to delete any unauthorised recordings and may request offenders to leave the competition venue.

13. Competitors who require practice studios or accompanists should contact Rave Group Int’l Pte Ltd to arrange for hiring on their own expense.

14. The competitor’s submission of his/ her Competition application will be tantamount to the applicant’s acceptance of the Rules.

15. The decisions of the organizers and judges are final. No appeals will be allowed.


Video Submission

Video Submission Guidelines


1. All Solo Categories (Piano)

  • All applicants must submit a video for a screening round before the live semi-final rounds in Singapore.

  • The programme for the video submission must be part of the competition programme and must include the set piece.

  • The video recording should be a clear and accurate representation of the applicant’s playing.

  • The video should show the performer in full body if possible.

  • Video must not be recorded more than six months prior to submission.

2. Submission format

  • You may upload your video at YouTube, Youku, Vimeo, or other online video and streaming service platforms and share the links with us.

  • Alternatively, you may send in DVDs or thumb drives.

  • All materials submitted will not be returned.


3. Acceptable video file types

  • MP4

  • MPG

  • MOV (commonly from iMovie)

  • AVI (from Windows Movie Maker)

  • WMV (from Windows Live Movie Maker)

4. Video requirements

  • High definition: 1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080 preferred or standard definition: 720 x 480 acceptable

  • No modification or editing should be made to the video and audio (e.g. effects).

5. Performance duration (in video)

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