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Ensemble & Orchestra Category

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  1. The Competition is open to musicians worldwide and of all nationalities.

  2. Application deadline 

    • Ensemble & Orchestra: 16 October 2022

  3. Competition period

    • Competition will take place on 29 October 2022 via the following streaming platforms: Youtube, Youku and Facebook.

  4. Notable artists and professors from Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan will be invited to join the adjudication panel.

  5. Each competitor may take part in both Ensemble & Orchestra categories.

  6. Repertoire Guidelines 

    • Competitors should choose a repertoire that can showcase their artistry and technical skills, the jury will also evaluate the difficulty of the repertoire. 

    • Competitors must submit a digital copy (PDF) of their choice music to be used during the adjudication. The digital copy must be from a published hard copy. All PDF files must be clearly labelled with the competitor’s full name and category competing in.

    • Competitors must not exceed the stated time limit (according to the category applied for).

    • The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify any Competitor if any of the rules are not adhered to.

  7. Competitors are not allowed to contact adjudicators during the competition. Non-compliance will result in the competitor being removed from the Competition and forfeiting all awards.

  8. The order of appearance is decided in draw sessions conducted at the start of this event. The order decided at these sessions will be observed throughout the Competition. The Organiser reserves the right to make changes or cancellations to the competition order and dates, as well as any of the events that happen throughout the Competition.

  9. The Organiser reserves the right to use all videos submitted to the Competition for use in related activities such as broadcast and promotional purposes without the consent of the participant. The Organiser retains all rights to the submitted materials.

  10. The competitor’s submission of his/her Competition application will be tantamount to the applicant’s acceptance of the Rules.

  11. The decisions of the Organiser and adjudicators are final and not subject to reviews or appeals.


  1. Adjudicators will evaluate each competitor based on a 100-point scale and the final score will be averaged, up to 2 decimal points.

  2. Award Distribution Ratio (for Professional category only):

    • Gold - 20%​

    • Silver - 30%

    • Bronze - 40%

    • Participation - 10%

      All other categories do not have award distribution ratio imposed and judging will be based purely on performance standard.


  3. All competitors will receive a digital e-Certificate of Performance based on marks scored:

    • Gold with Distinction       90% and above;

    • Gold                                    85% - 89.99%;

    • Silver                                   75% - 89.99%;

    • Bronze                                65% - 74.99%;

    • Participation                      64.99 % and below.

      Top scorer from respective categories will be invited to perform at the NAFA Lee Foundation Theatre. (Transportation, food and lodging non-inclusive)

  4. The organizing committee will award the “Outstanding Teacher Award” to all teachers whose student(s) are awarded with Gold with Distinction, Gold, Silver and Bronze award.


  1. Participating ensemble/orchestra must submit an unedited recording with at least 1080p in resolution.
  2. Participating ensemble/Orchestra must be clearly visible throughout the entire recording process. The recording environment must be kept quiet throughout.
  3. The video can be recorded using mobile phones or video recorders.
  4. The video must be recorded within 6 months of the registration period.
  5. The video must not be edited and/or spliced, and the video and audio must be recorded at the same time using the same device.
  6. The recordings submitted by the entrants must be saved in .mov or .mp4 file format.
  7. Please submit your recording via cloud sharing platforms such as Baidu Cloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. Link received from video streaming sites such as Youku, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. will not be accepted by the organizer. All links must be valid till the completion of this competition.
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